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Life Coach for Expectant Parents

holistic birth planning that champions your creative power




Becoming a parent will change your life in radical and unpredictable ways, and this is your dream:

to powerfully navigate and consciously design this next phase of your life


Yet when it comes to birth, many expectant parents feel:





Just Plain Scared


You find yourself with limited options (frustration!)
or too many options to sort through (confusion!)

Which books should you read? What's the difference between a midwife and a doula? Which birth environment should you choose? What do you actually need when the baby comes?

You barely have time for the practical planning much less mental or spiritual preparation.

Fear and doubt can take over as you deal with a stream of conflicting birth advice from family, friends, medical professionals, the media - even complete strangers on the street! 

Pressure to make the right choice and worries about failing or making a mistake crowd out your excitement at this big change.


You also worry, "What about me?" "Will my identity get lost in the process?"


You want to feel prepared to make the best decisions through every step of your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

You want compassionate care with intelligence and integrity.

You want to connect with providers who share your beliefs about birth.

More than anything, you want your birth to feel like the miracle that it is.


The Good News


You don’t need a ton of money or a medical degree to make informed, safe, healthy birth choices.

You don't need to spend countless hours on Google weeding through the endless stream of birth (mis)information.

You don't need a library of books or countless workshops or seminars.

All you need?

Is an experienced guide and the highest quality information to design the birth plan that's right for you and guide you through your initiation into parenthood.

Go from overwhelmed to educated in just one session.


It’s also French for creative life force: the energy of creation that drives human evolution. This is both the essence of who I am and what I do. Each of us is a powerful creator, capable of consciously birthing great things that will change the world, and I help expectant parents step into their greatness as they participate in one of the most powerful acts of creation available to us, the birth of a child. My vision for pregnancy and birth is to expand our perception of what this process can be. I want to inspire a paradigm shift from fear to love and for birth practices in this country to change, welcoming each new life into the world with humanity and initiating new parents with joy.

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to birth that champions your creative power, you’re in the right place.

As a birth consultant, I’m an expert in helping expectant parents consciously prepare for the birth of their child and the transition into parenthood. I’ll prepare you on all levels - body, mind, heart and soul - for the process of bringing a new life into the world with integrity and compassion.  


With my two decades of experience in childbirth preparation, empowerment, and support, you’ll receive the highest quality information about your birth options, from where to give birth to recommendations for care providers who are a good fit for you.

I look at the big picture of your life to help you feel empowered to parent authentically and find the birth solutions that are aligned with your desires, beliefs, preferences, and personality.

You’ll complete your sessions with me with not only a comprehensive birth plan but a road map for your transition into your new identity as a parent. You’ll feel ready for anything and experience birth as a reinvention of your creative power.




Claim your birth as an act of conscious creation

Give yourself the gift of informed choices. Alchemize your fear into empowerment and enjoy the process of evolving. You're not alone. I'm here to support you in a loving, joyful space.


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