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Birth & Conception Coach

I help expectant parents and birth workers welcome each new life into the world with respect, humanity and joy.


Hi, I'm Élan.

I'm a birth and conception coach who works with expectant parents to feel confident in their choices and create a birth experience that aligns with their vision and values. I also teach birth workers how to help their clients reimagine birth, shifting from a paradigm of fear to love.

How Can I Help You?

Whether you're trying to get pregnant, are already pregnant, or want support through the postpartum period, I can help you experience the transition into parenthood as an empowering, joyful initiation into a completely new identity, claiming creative power that you can channel into every part of your life.


I'm undecided about kids.


Gain the clarity you need to make a confident baby decision you feel good about.



I want to get pregnant.


Clear energetic blocks and tend your body into its optimal state of health for conception.​



I'm pregnant.


Create your vision and plan for birth and your transition into your new identity as a parent.



I'm postpartum. Help!


Care for yourself and your infant while you navigate intense emotions and a whole new life.



I'm a birth worker.


Doulas, midwives, OB-GYNS, lactation consultants, birth photographers…I’m here for you!



I want to get moving.


Qoya Inspired Movement combines yoga, dance, and pleasurable movement.



Trusted by New and Expectant Parents
Since 2000 

Step Into Motherhood

“Élan helped me stand my ground as a woman with choices, do my own research, shed my single self, and step into motherhood.״ 

Kelly M. Renn

Atlantic City, NJ

Empowered and Committed

“I left feeling empowered and committed to having the birth I wanted. Élan's wealth of knowledge opened doors for us.״ 

Carey Anderson

New York, NY

Nothing short of a miracle.

“Working with Élan before, during, and after my birth was nothing short of a miracle. She was an angel by my side.״ 

Jacquelyn Karnes

Portland, OR


New Here?

Get started by downloading my free guide.

Learn my signature process to prepare for birth: heart, body, mind, and soul. By going through this guide, you will build a strong foundation to consciously create a positive birth experience and your new identity as a parent.

Click here to download your free guide.


The Spark

The Spark is where I share the highest quality information available on conscious conception, birth, and parenting and supportive practices for creation.


Let's reclaim and reimagine birth as an act of conscious creation.

Whether you’re an expectant parent who wants to make informed choices from a place of love or a birth worker who wants to help parents make this shift, I'm here to support you in a loving, joyful space.

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