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You know that birth is sacred.

You were called to do this work, to bring humanity, connection, and sacredness into the birth room. But you often feel like a lone wolf in a society that hasn’t yet awakened to the importance of birth. How do you speak your truth in a way that builds connection and inspires others to lean in?


You can turn people on to the power of birth.

You want to take your birth work business to the next level, not simply surviving from birth to birth, but thriving as a passionate change maker. You want to feel good while supporting families. You want to offer birth work your own way, on your own terms, and not feel overwhelmed or exhausted as you struggle to make ends meet.

Most of all, you want birth to feel like the miracle you know it is. For you. For the families you serve. For other care practitioners. For people who don’t know that there can be another way.


Birth workers are the people to reimagine birth.

We are the ones on the front lines of birth, who understand both the challenges and birth's power, the importance of it being a positive experience for both the parents and baby. We're the ones with stories to activate the hearts and minds of expectant parents, other healthcare providers, the media, and lawmakers. We are the ones who contain both the passion and knowledge to transform birth from what it so often is to what it can become.


In short, my continuing education programs for birth workers will help you change both your birth work practice and the maternal care industry from the inside out, one birth at a time.


If you believe that birth works and that women’s bodies are powerful and capable, I want to work with you.


My Holistic Approach

I prepare new and expectant parents for birth and parenting on all levels. I believe the same holistic approach applies to birth workers.



Birth work is body work. If you want your clients to drop into their bodies and connect with the body’s sensations and guidance, you have to be able to do the same. Regularly engaging in mind-body connection practices, you can lead birthing parents to do the same. I include Qoya movement sessions in all of my courses to support this.



We’ll look at your relationship with the parent/child dynamic and examine your beliefs of what it is to be a parent, what your own experiences were, what you want to carry forward, and what you want to let go of. We’ll explore your current relationships, especially with your partner if you have one, and how to bring a higher level of emotional intelligence to your relationships and communication.



In this phase, you’ll start building your knowledge about postpartum care. Learn about these ahead of time so it’s not a crash course that you’re trying to cram in while you’re exhausted and overwhelmed. If you’re already there, get peace of mind and release anxiety over alllllll the options available to you. I’ll teach you best practices so you can parent with confidence.



Our sessions will help you make the commitment to this being a conscious process. You are opening the door for another soul to come in and share this bond and contract with you in this life. I’ll support you in doing the deeper work of defining, “Who do I want to be? How do I want to show up? What are the qualities I want to embody?” and then consciously bringing those things forward into your life.

Why you should work with me
(aka. my cred)

After two decades of experience in childbirth preparation, empowerment, and support (click here to see my full resume), I’m an expert in helping women and their partners consciously prepare for the birth of their child and the transition into parenthood.


I founded a leading maternity consumer advocacy organization that’s worked first-hand with thousands of parents to become fully informed and engaged in the process, so my recommendations are based on personal experience and my knowledge of the healthcare industry nationwide. I focus on each individual parent’s needs, not giving blanket suggestions that may or may not apply to your birth.

Beyond mere information, I'm a fierce champion of women. I know absolutely that women are capable of birthing babies, and every time a client looks into my eyes, she sees her own magnificence reflected back. No matter what your unique challenges may be, I believe unfailingly in the creative genius of the female body and power of women to thrive.

You’ll benefit from my extensive experience not only as a birth worker, but as a consumer advocate and birth activist.


Three Steps to Reimagine Birth

I’ve used a three-part framework for change in my work for over 20 years that I teach in all my courses for birth workers. You can apply this framework to any situation or project to show up as a powerful agent for change.

Most people don't think about birth until they're in it.

Which means you have a finite window of time to connect and engage with them. You already know the delicate balance of educating expectant parents about what to expect from a broken system without adding to their fear. You just need effective strategies for getting your message across.

You know that birthing people thrive when they are nurtured, listened to, and treated with respect. And you know that, for the most part, our maternity care system prioritizes none of these things, especially for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ birthers and babies, and the devastating impact systemic racism has on birth outcomes.

With this insight comes responsibility in educating the families you work with and in being a vital part of replacing our broken system with a new equitable paradigm for birth that treats parents and babies with dignity, respect, and joy.

My programs will help you use your insight to have an impact. To feel more confident when talking about birth. To use your passion as a force for change. To help your clients experience the sacredness, joy, and creative power of birth.



What is your activation story, the moment you fell in love with the power of birth? Inspire an “a-ha” moment by sharing your vision of the beauty and sacredness of birth with your audience. Connect with their humanity and help them remember that birth is sacred.



What education do you need in order to provide the best choices possible to your clients? Provide high quality, unbiased information. Help your clients make informed decisions about where, how and with whom to birth, and how to evaluate risks without fear.



Connect families with the resources and support they need to confidently navigate an impersonal, complicated, and often hostile maternity care system. Expand your network, and build your referral and resource library. Provide solutions to policy makers and the media as a reliable source.


Birth Reimagined is my signature online course.

In this course, you'll learn the Three Steps to Reimagine Birth as well as the Four Beats of Heart-Centered Communication for Birth Workers so that you can use your voice and passion for birth to create change and inspire others as well as being more effective in your work.


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I've been an educator and advocate for birth workers since 2011 

This course was AMAZING!

You pulled off something so big and beautiful. What a gift to the world of birth workers (and aspiring birth workers).

Aspen Mirabal

Past Course Participant

High-Level Information

I'm so grateful to have you as a mentor and teacher as I continue to move forward in the birthing world. Your work and content is incredibly thoughtful, important, and high-level information.

Leigah Locke

Past Course Participant


“I loved the integration of Qoya movement and fully appreciated the open-hearted conversations.״ 

Shalin Butterworth

Past Course Participant

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