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As an expectant parent, you are a powerful creator.

While it may not feel like you’re in control and something bigger than you has taken over, you designed the life you’re currently living.

Which means you have a choice. Always.

To ask for help.

To make a plan.

To let go and trust.

To step into the next phase of life.

Clearly. Consciously. Creatively.


But let's keep it real...

Birth contains the full range of emotions from ecstatic joy to overwhelming moments of despair. You are on a rollercoaster ride of hormone-fueled emotions. Finding reliable information about birth can be frustrating and scary. The research alone takes so much time, and the resources and advice are endless.

You also worry about mounting costs and hiring birth professionals who aren’t a good fit for you.

Deep breaths. You're not alone. I’ve got you.

You don’t need more time than you already have, and you don’t need a fortune to get the help you need.

All you need?

To get grounded, clarify your desires, and make a plan with tools specific to YOUR vision of birth.


Not your mom's.

Not your sister's.



Elan Vital is my name. It’s also French for creative life force: the energy of creation that drives human evolution. This definition is both the essence of who I am and the basis for our work together.

For two decades, I’ve helped women and their partners prepare for birth and parenthood. I founded a leading consumer advocacy organization that’s worked first-hand with thousands of parents to become fully engaged maternity care consumers, so my recommendations are based on personal experience. I focus on each individual parent’s needs, not giving blanket suggestions that may or may not apply to your birth.



"I am forever grateful for having met Elan at a time of great change in my life. What a generous and inspiring woman she is! With her support, I felt confident to start working in the birth field and grow the various projects I had at heart. She still has that strong impact on me 10 years later as I commence my journey as a new midwife."

Laure Sinnhuber-Giles, CM - Brooklyn, NY


How I'm Different

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Many birth professionals treat birth like an isolated medical episode. Not me. The birth of your child marks a huge transition moment in your life that activates you on every level: body, mind, heart, and soul. I will help you prepare for that and for the shift in identity that comes with becoming a parent.

Your creative power is my highest priority. My goal in every session is to help you plan your birth as a creative, life-affirming act. No matter what your unique challenges may be, I believe unfailingly in the creative genius of the female body and power of women to thrive.

Not only will you get the highest quality information and recommendations from me, but you will feel seen, held, and celebrated.

You will feel empowered to parent as yourself, and make the choices that feel true to you, not all the well-meaning people in your life giving you advice. Together, we will create a vision and a plan built from your desires, your beliefs, and your vision of parenthood, even if you’re not sure what that is right now.

You’ll complete your sessions with me with not only a comprehensive birth plan but a road map for your transition into your new identity as a parent. You’ll feel ready for anything and experience your birth as a reclamation of your creative power.


In just one session, I will help you step through fear to trust.

Trust that life supports you, trust in the people around you, but mostly trust in yourself.

Your body is made to do this.

You are made to do this.


I see you. 

I feel you. 

I’ve got you.

If reading this resonates with you, I can support your desire for a conscious, empowered, and sacred birth experience.