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Qoya Inspired Movement Classes

Through movement, we remember.
We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.

The body leads birth, so we must learn to follow it.

In order to get into your body and trust it more fully during birth, you need to practice this before birth. And if you're a birth worker, it’s helpful to practice the shift into the body that you ask your birthing parents to make.


Qoya Inspired Movement is the best way I’ve found to do this, as it’s a movement practice in which the body leads. It is a practice of learning how to listen to your body and follow it, which helps you start to embody this outside of class as well.


There is no way to do Qoya wrong, and the way you know you’re doing it right is when it feels good.

If you wants to expand your sense of embodiment both in and out of the birth room, please join me for a class.

Take a Class

No upcoming events at the moment

Qoya Inspired Movement has helped thousands of people connect to their wise, wild and free essence.

Step Into Motherhood

“Élan helped me stand my ground as a woman with choices, do my own research, shed my single self, and step into motherhood.״ 

Kelly M. Renn

Atlantic City, NJ

Empowered and Committed

“I left feeling empowered and committed to having the birth I wanted. Élan's wealth of knowledge opened doors for us.״ 

Carey Anderson

New York, NY

Nothing short of a miracle.

“Working with Élan before, during, and after my birth was nothing short of a miracle. She was an angel by my side.״ 

Jacquelyn Karnes

Portland, OR


Free Online Class

Get started by downloading a free online class.

Enjoy this short Qoya Inspired Movement ritual to explore how movement can help you get out of your head and into your body. 

Thanks for trying out this free Qoya Movement Ritual! You'll receive an email shortly with a link to view it.

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