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A confident baby decision is within reach.

If you’re on this page, it’s likely you’ve spent some sleepless nights and stressful conversations in indecision over whether or not to have a baby.

If you have a baby...

Will your career crash and burn?

Will your relationship fall apart?

Will you ever feel like yourself again?

If you don't have a baby...

Will you regret it the rest of your life?

Will you wish you had children in old age?

Will life feel empty without kids?

If you don’t feel a strong “Yes, I want this!” or “No, I don’t,” and you want to make a conscious decision rather than making one by default or due to outside pressure, this is for you.

My newest coaching program, 30 Days to a Baby Decision, is exactly what it sounds like: 30 days to spend time in daily reflection and conversation, whether alone or with your partner, to make a  confident decision either way.

Sign up here to be notified when enrollment opens.

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