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Birth Plan 101

As a birth coach, I’m more than a little obsessed with BIRTH PLANS.

A birth plan is exactly what it sounds like: a plan for how you’d love for your birth to unfold, not only with all the logistics spelled out but how you’d like to feel, how your partner wants to participate, etc. It’s your greatest, grandest vision of one of the most transformational days of your life—the day YOU are born as a parent.

You need a birth plan. Repeat: you NEED a birth plan! It will ensure a better experience than winging it, it helps minimize disappointment from unrealistic expectations (or magical thinking), and it prevents miscommunications with your birth team and your partner.

Making a birth plan isn't a guarantee things will go to plan. Your plan may have to go out the window entirely, so it’s good to adopt a fluid, open mindset while also planning for your success.

🗂️ There are 4 main areas your birth plan should cover:

-Preparation: who will be with you, where you will give birth, what birth team members to hire, birthing positions or techniques to learn and practice, packing list of snacks and equipment to have handy, who will notify friends and family

-Labor & Delivery: the type of birth you’re planning, pain relief methods, birth interventions, photos or no photos

-Birth Preferences: Even if you don’t plan on having a C-section, familiarize yourself with the process in the event one becomes necessary as well as other medical interventions that may factor into your birth. Let this empower you rather than frighten you, and make sure you’re consulting a reliable resource (no Dr. Google!)

-Newborn Care: requesting belly time immediately after birth, plans for breastfeeding, your partner’s involvement in cutting the cord or catching the baby, placenta requests

There are many more factors to consider, but these are some basics. If you’re feeling overwhelmed even thinking about this, please book a free consult on my website (link in my bio). I’m a birth plan expert who will cover all your questions, including what you don’t know to ask, and I'll make recommendations for providers in your area.

👉 What are your birth plan questions?

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