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Why I became a birth coach

To say my career is non-linear is…an understatement.

I went from professional dancer to Broadway producer to doula to founder of a childbirth advocacy foundation to where I am today — a coach for new and expectant parents.

Along the way, many perplexed people have asked me, “Why?”

The short answer is “I followed my heart.”

The long answer is, “I followed my heart, and took many leaps of faith. When my heart led me from dancing to producing, I leapt. When I felt the call to become a doula, I leapt. I leapt into my foundation, and from there, I leapt into working one-on-one with parents again as a coach. As much as I loved working with my foundation, I missed the close personal relationships I formed as a doula. I saw a gap between parents and birth workers that needs to be filled — the person who connects them. I saw a way I could use my contacts and resources from the foundation to help parents find the birth workers who will best fit their needs. And after taking so many leaps of faith, I finally realized I know a lot about that, too. Becoming a parent is the ultimate leap of faith for many people, and I help parents expand, change, grow, evolve, and embrace a new identity. I know how to do this because I’ve done it myself…again and again and again.”

That’s the missing piece in the birth worker world to me — the person who helps you claim the identity of “parent,” both during your birth and beyond. I’m the person who helps you create the space to become a parent in your life, even if you’re not pregnant yet. I help you engage with your fears (“is my career over? will my relationship die?”) and step through those fears to faith. To experience birth and parenthood as the radical act of creation and power that it is.

A doula supports you through the physical birth, but I support you through the mental and emotional rebirth. I empower you to feel like yourself as a parent.

That’s why I became a coach, and why I’d love to help you become the parent and person you want to be.

If you'd like to work with me (or know someone who would), feel free to contact me or book a free consult, and let’s talk.

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