Wow. I wasn’t sure I’d make it here, and yet…here we are.

Birthing this site has been such a joy - and also brought up resistance along the way.

Do I have everything I need?

What’s it going to look like?

Am I really ready to put myself out there in a bigger way?

Similar feelings when you’re preparing to welcome a child into the world.

The process of creating anything in your life has common threads with conception and birth, and all the same fears and resistance comes up. Yet only in creating something new do you find new pieces of yourself and live into the next part of life that’s waiting for you with open arms.

This space will hold writing for you about these two processes - creation of a child and creation in your life. If there’s any topic or question you’d like me to cover here, please contact me.

I look forward to co-creating the conversation here with you!



Elan McAllister