Summer Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant right now in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ve probably noticed that summer is a lot more uncomfortable with another person occupying your body. Whatever the thermometer says, add 5-10 degrees thanks to your personal baby heater.

In addition to the normal tips to beat the heat like drinking water and staying in the shade, here are a few more:

-Wear supportive shoes, and keep your feet elevated.

This not only prevents swelling, a pregnancy issue that increases during the summer, but it will support your back and help prevent falls.


Swimming is a wonderful gentle exercise for pregnant women in addition to helping you cool off and feel weightless. Ahhh….

-Cotton Clothing

This will help wick sweat away from your skin and let fresh air in.


Look for baby-friendly brands without talc (like Burt’s Bees). Rubbing a little on after a bath or shower will work wonders, especially in your elbows and behind the knees.

-Slow Down

It’s easy to get dizzy in the heat even when you’re not pregnant. Not only should you take naps and honor your body’s need for rest, but give yourself extra time to get places so that you can walk slower, preventing dizziness.

-Cooling Foods

Take advantage of nature’s gifts and eat cooling, hydrating foods like chilled cucumbers or watermelon. 

(By the way, this is all great advice for staying cool if you aren’t pregnant!)

What other tips do you have on minimizing discomfort during the hot summer months?