Breastfeeding 101

Many new parents are surprised to learn that breastfeeding doesn’t always just happen. It can take time for both mama and baby to learn how the process works and how to listen to each other. A few things to consider as you’re learning the ropes:

-Release any idea of a set feeding schedule, and instead, follow your baby’s lead on when and how long to feed. Just like our hunger levels vary from day to day, so do your baby’s.

-If you notice your baby moving their mouth more than usual or trying to suck on items that are nearby, try feeding them. 

-Create super comfortable spaces in your home to feed, as you will be there for long periods of time. An area with lots of pillows and a soft yet supported place for you to lie down or recline is ideal; the more relaxed you are, the more your baby will relax.

-Likewise, help your baby find a comfortable position in which they don’t have to twist or tilt their head in order to latch on. Check that their nose is free to breathe easily.

-Drink plenty of water. Just as you’re eating for two, you are also now drinking for two!

-Don’t struggle alone. Reach out for help if you’re feeling stuck or anxious to your doula, midwife, or a lactation consultant.