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Creating ritual is a powerful way to bring consciousness and intention to important life events. I work with my clients to create rituals that are meaningful to them, that reflect their beliefs and values and that open their hearts to the beauty, power and potential of this particular moment in their lives. 

Some of my favorite rituals to co-create with my clients include: 

  • Qoya Movement ritual (see below) 

  • Despacho gratitude ceremonies 

  • Cacao heart opening ceremonies 

  • Womb blessings 

  • Mother-baby blessings (alternative baby shower)

  • New Family/ Baby welcoming ceremonies  

  • Pregnancy loss and grief release

  • New & full moon rituals 



Qoya is a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild, and free, which we embody through three movement practices:

Wise = the wisdom of yoga

Wild = the creative expression of dance

Free = the freedom of sensual movement

There’s no way to do Qoya wrong, and the way you know you’re doing it right is when it feels good. Even more than feeling good, you know you’re doing Qoya right when it feels true, when your movement feels like an authentic expression of how you feel inside.

In addition to group classes, you can also book a private session for me to create a personal Qoya movement ritual for you below.


Book a Session

A Qoya movement ritual is a powerful way to navigate a change in your life. It’s usually comprised of at least 3 Qoya movements and sometimes other practices that you can repeat and savor every day as long as is supportive, usually about 30 days. You can use rituals to draw in an experience you desire or anchor in an experience you wish to integrate, and rather than thinking your way through life, they are an invitation to feel your way through.

Contact me if you have more questions about Qoya ritual sessions or book a session below to embody your creative power and use movement to access and honor your inner wisdom.

If you’re booking a package of sessions, we can add a Qoya movement ritual to one of those sessions.

Photo of a Qoya movement session.

Photo of a Qoya movement session.



You'll fill out an intake questionnaire to fill me in on what life situation you'd like this medicine to address. We'll then have a 45-minute coaching session either in person or on Skype in which we'll talk over your form and I'll create a short Qoya movement ritual for you to do with a suggested time frame. I may also recommend other aspects of ritual, such as journaling assignments, intuitive rituals - it is all totally personalized for your needs.

- Intake Form

- One 45-minute session with Elan

-Personalized Qoya movement ritual